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Dachau Camp Bunker

Now let's visit the darkest, cruelest area of the Dachau Concentration Camp - The Bunker. This building was the torture prison of the camp, situated right behind the main building which can be seen on this photo on the left side.

Dachau Camp Bunker Exhibition

Pointers show the way to the Bunker. It was feared among the prisoners, as the regime would do most of the torturing here.

Dachau Camp Georg Elser

A single yellow rose has been dropped into the cell of Nazi opponent Georg Elser who tried to assassinate Hitler on 8th November 1939. He was arrested and imprisoned in Sachsenhausen and Dachau, where he was executed on 9th April 1945, just weeks before the Allied troops freed the camp on 29th April.

Dachau Camp Cell

View from the corridor into one of the cells of the Bunker.

Dachau Camp Bunker Corridor East

View towards the eastern wing of the Bunker. From the corridor you get to the prisoner cells, which are not accessible for visitors. However, some of the doors have been left open and protected with glass walls to provide a full view.

Dachau Camp Bunker Corridor West

View towards the western wing of the Bunker.

Dachau Camp Cell

Another view into one of the cells of the Dachau Concentration Camp Bunker.

Dachau Camp Cell Multimedia

Some of the cells have been prepared with multimedia messages, like this one. Two slides are projected on the wall, in German and in English language. They quote Walter Buzengeiger on 1st July 1934: "Around two o'clock in the morning, the key rattles in the lock of the first cell door at the other end of the corridor. We're all awake at once. The unlocked foot-shackle makes a metallic click on the floor. The prisoner from cell number 1 takjes the first few steps out into the Bunker courtyard. A shot rings out. A life is extinguished."

Dachau Camp Bunker Corridor West

Another view of the corridor of the western wing.

Dachau Camp Portable Prayer Altar

A portable prayer altar can be found in one of the last cells of the Bunker exhibition.

Dachau Camp Watchtower

This is the south-west watchtower, overlooking the bunker.

Dachau Camp History and Analysis

Finally, I strongly recommend to visit the Memorial Site's bookshop. I picked up one of the standard works in this area, "That was Dachau" by Stanislav Zámecník. The author wrote a complete scholary presentation of the history of the Dachau Concentration Camp from 1933 to 1945. He was a prisoner in Dachau himself, and he takes the unique opportunity to combine his experiences as an inmate of the camp and more than fifty years of historical research. The book is a reference book in which the reader will discover, become familiar with, and understand the tragic odyssey of the prisoner through the world of the Nazi camp. The book is available in English, French and German language. (If interested, please order directly from the Memorial Site)

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