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Inside a reconstructed Dachau Barrack

The Dachau Memorial Site not only features a captivating exhibition, but they also fully reconstructed two of the Barracks, long wooden houses where the prisoners lived. One of these Barracks is open to visitors. This photo shows the toilets.

Dachau Barrack

With the rise of the Nazi regime, their need for camp space increased as well. So they stacked the beds to get more prisoners into the tiny rooms.

Dachau Concentration Camp Bedroom

This tiny room, for example, held 6x4x3 = 72 beds in total, and there were several bedrooms rooms in a Barrack. At a total of 34 Barracks you can easily see the number of prisoners going into the thousands.

Dachau Camp Bedroom

This is the view a prisoner would see when going to sleep at night. Of course, he had to listen to the noises of the 71 co-prisoners in his bedroom.

Dachau Concentration Camp Light

Another view towards the ceiling of a Barrack featuring just a simple light.

Dachau Concentration Camp Vandalism

Unfortunately, not every visitor understands that the Memorial Site is not just any tourist attraction. Here, I found a "signature" on one of the beds in the restored Barrack. I wonder what is going on with these kids (I guess it must be kids who damage a memorial site like this)?

Group Visit Dachau Concentration Camp

But there are positive examples as well. Here is a class in one of the locker rooms, listening to their teacher talking about the daily life in the Concentration Camp and its Draconian punishments for even the smallest failures. Later on, the pupils would ask several questions out of genuine interest, trying to understand what happened at the Camp.

Dachau Concentration Camp Locker Room

Here's a detail of a locker at the locker room.

Dachau Concentration Camp Restored Barrack

This is the view from the outside towards one of the bedrooms of a Barrack.

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