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21:15 - Bachelors party in Munich

Saturday 21:15
Okay, so this is me. In order to follow me and my actions better, Stefan brought a viking helmet. I had to wear this while fulfilling their bizarre tasks...

21:27 - Mark, the Viking

Mark, the Viking, and Jörg. Still not drunk enough to start the action.

21:43 - Talking to women

Camera, lights, action! The first task: "Go and talk to some women for at least five minutes without having them thrown out of the beer garden." - Easy. ;-)

22:57 - Unknown beauty

The second task: "Go and get the names of ten women and their mobile phone numbers. If we do some tests, they need to answer the phone." - Well, this was not so easy, and here I can be seen with one of the girls on my list (number seven). Any yes, the list is on my forehead. ;-)

23:13 - Beergarden group shot

The group is cheering, and I had no more tasks to do... Except...

23:16 - Beautiful legs

...bringing photos of beautiful girls. - Easy!

23:35 - Kultfabrik Munich München

Now, the boys took me to the "Kultfabrik" (the former "Kunstpark Ost") for some dancing and partying. But they did not take me to the usual disco, but to a tabledance bar! For obvious reasons, we were not allowed to take photos inside...

02:33 - Group shot outside the bar

Sunday 02:33
...but three hours later we were out again for this group shot. If you are planning a bachelors party, take your friend to a tabledance. It's really good fun!

02:35 - the Viking

Now the Viking was overshadowing the "Kultfabrik" - scary!

02:36 - in front of the

Another funny shot in front of the "Kalinka" disco.

02:38 - Stefan Weil feeling strong

Mr. Weil feeling strong after a nightly Döner Kebap.

02:47 - in front of the

A very silly shot of Mark, the Viking, with his Döner in front of the "Americanos".

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