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Cattle on Highway 20

Welcome to Cariboo Country - where the cattle occupies the highway!

Seidler Ranch, Williams Lake, Canada (2002)

Our B&B for the night, the Seidler Ranch, is a medium-sized working ranch.

Entrance to the Seidler Ranch, Williams Lake, Canada (2002)

Main entrance to the Seidler Ranch.

Seidler Ranch B&B, Williams Lake, Canada (2002)

This is the living room of the log cabin where we slept. Here, Mrs. Seidler prepared a delicious breakfast for us the next morning.

Evening Sky in Williams Lake, Canada (2002)

We enjoyed a fantastic evening on the patio of the ranch, and I wanted to capture the calmness of this night.

School House, 108 Mile House, Canada (2002)

At 108 Mile House you will find a free heritage site with buildings from late 19th and early 20th century, including this refurbished school house.

Historical Office, 108 Mile House, Canada (2002)

This historic office can be seen at 108 Mile House as well.

Mount Begbie Lookout, British Columbia (2002)

This is Mt Begbie Lookout, a fire watch tower. The lookout is not mentioned in the maps, so keep your eyes open between 83 Mile House and 93 Mile House.

Cathy at the Mount Begbie Lookout, British Columbia (2002)

At the lookout we met Cathy. She was on her 21 day shift (24 hours a day) watching for fires. She says that she does not mind when tourists come up to the lookout tower, because otherwise it can get quite boring while on duty. :-)

Highway 97, British Columbia (2002)

Highway 97 can be best seen from the Mount Begbie Lookout.

Train in the Rocky Mountains, British Columbia (2002)

Western Canada has been made accessible by trains a century ago. Today, you still see very long trains every now and then.

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