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Would you like to experience something new and unique for your holiday break? If yes, San Francisco might be what you have been looking for. Undoubtedly, there are so many fun and memorable activities that can be done there. Our photographs just prove how much we enjoyed our trip to the city. And just like us, you can also experience what this beautiful place has to offer. All you need to do is book your flights early, start preparing for your trip, and enjoy this remarkable place!

From San Francisco, we took all the time we wanted to explore California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada as best as we could. We found places of extreme beauty, like Big Sur, the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, or Zion National Park. Too many to be mentioned in one sentence. But we also rested for a day at the pool in Palm Springs, and went to Las Vegas on a Saturday night.

And then the photographic impact! I took even more photos than in Canada, 1,623 to be exact, and I selected 233 of them for this virtual photo album for you. I hope you enjoy the trip. :-)

* * *

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   Flight across Clayoquot Sound in Tofino.
Scenic flight across San Francisco and the Bay Area

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The Complete Tour

Map of our 4 week trip
All addresses on one page in printer-friendly format

Days 1-3San Francisco (36 photos)
Day 4Pacific Grove (9 photos)
Day 5San Simeon (8 photos)
Day 6Santa Barbara (12 photos)
Day 7Los Angeles (17 photos)
Days 8-9Palm Springs (4 photos)
Day 10Joshua Tree National Park (7 photos)
Days 11-12Grand Canyon National Park (9 photos)
Day 13Glen Canyon and Antelope Canyon (8 photos)
Day 14Monument Valley (15 photos)
Days 15-16Arches National Park and Moab (14 photos)
Day 17Canyonlands National Park and Captiol Reef National Park (9 photos)
Day 18Bryce Canyon National Park (9 photos)
Day 19Zion National Park (11 photos)
Days 20-21Las Vegas (15 photos)
Day 22Death Valley National Park (11 photos)
Day 23Lee Vining (17 photos)
Day 24Yosemite National Park and Petaluma (12 photos)
Day 25Silicon Valley (10 photos)

Special Interest
Floatplane trip in San Francisco (12 photos)
Weather overview
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