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Tsitsikamma National Park Accommodation

We were lucky, extremely lucky, to get this nice "forest cabin", located directly in the Tsitsikamma National Park. We thought this would be a good place to stay, and so we booked the cabin for two nights.

Tsitsikamma Forest Cabin

Situated directly at (like, 50 meters away from) the ocean, all the cabins are really quiet, except for the clashing of the waves. This, however, is rather relaxing for us.

Tsitsikamma National Park

Here you can see the whole place: camp sites in the first row, and the forest cabins in the second row. A wonderful setting.

Tsitsikamma Trails

At the National Park you will find a number of nice hiking trails. Some of them are easy-to-hike boardwalks, like this one, which leads to the Tsitsikamma suspension bridge.

Tsitsikamma Suspension Bridge

A fantastic shot of the Tsitsikamma suspension bridge. A school group was walking across the bridge, and they populated the whole bridge against the bright background.

Tsitsikamma National Park Bridge

This is a more conservative shot of the suspension bridge.

Tsitsikamma Park Suspension Bridge

And a closer look at the bridge itself: While it seems to be quite shaky, it is fully safe to use.

Storms River Mouth Tsitsikamma

This is the view from the suspension bridge into the Storms River Mouth. During high season, there are boat tours on the river, revealing more of the river than you can see from the bridge.

Meaning of Tsitsikamma

Tsitsikamma means "the place of much water". This shot of the coast illustrates why.

Tsitsikamma Visitor Center

A view from the visitor center of the National Park. The foaming breakers of the Indian Ocean have created a magical world of inter-tidal life and reefs, teaming with color and surprises.

Tsitsikamma Coast

And yet another view of the coast. It may be redundant, but I like the shot anyway.


A South African "Dassie" watches the people, waiting for a chance to cross the street.

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