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Meaning of the stars
You will definitely miss an outstanding experience if you don't do/book this. Will provide you good memories. Best value for money. Fantastic!
very good
Clearly above average quality. Will give you a very good experience. High value for money.
Average quality and still recommended. A good experience and good value for money. Nothing to complain about, and you will not be disappointed.
Below average quality and/or low value for money, but still acceptable. You will want to consider other options, though.
You will most likely be disappointed when booking this. Lowest value for money. Not recommended.

Our rating is based on "value for money" instead of "absolute quality". We think that it does matter how much a room or service costs. Thus, a similar service for less money is rated better.

Note: All prices correct as of the date of our trip. We cannot guarantee that the prices mentioned are still valid. Please inquire directly with your host.

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