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N2 Plettenberg Bay

A nice shot of the N2 in Plettenberg Bay.

Plettenberg Bay Lookout Viewpoint

The fantastic view from the "Lookout Viewpoint" in Plettenberg Bay...

La Vista Lodge Plettenberg Bay

...and the equally beautiful view from the LA VISTA Lodge in Plettenberg Bay. This is a safe, friendly and affordable place for the traveler.

Blondie Ocean Safaris Plettenberg Bay

The next morning we decided to go on a "Ocean Safari" with a company called indeed Ocean Safaris. This was our tourguide, the smart and friendly Mrs. Blondie.

Ocean Safaris South Africa

Another nice shot of Mrs. Blondie. During our trip she discovered a whale (unfortunately no good photos available), dolphins, and sea lions. Ocean Safaris is associated with the Centre for Dolphin Studies, the only independent accredited research institute in South Africa. You can rest assured that they won't harm the animals in any way. And they are legally allowed to approach whales within 50 meters.

Dolphin Watching Plettenberg Bay

One of the nice photos of the Dolphin group. Here you can see a mother and her calf riding a tiny wave.

Dolphins Plettenberg Bay

Another photo of a group of Dolphins. They did not jump for us, but to see these beautiful animals so close in action was still stunning.


Finally what I think is my best photo of a Dolphin group, because you can actually see the face of one of the Dolphins looking out. As you can imagine, it is quite a challange to capture the right moment when you are on a shaky boat with the animals swimming by quite fast.

Sea Lions

We spent the last 30 minutes or so watching the Sea Lions of the Robberg, which is situated west of Plettenberg Bay. These amazing animals climb all the way up to take a unbath. They make noise, and they smell.

Robberg Sea Lions

Here a close-up photo of a Sea Lion who is watching us from his rock.

Sea Lions Waving Goodbye

My last photo of the Ocean Safari in Plettenberg Bay: Sea Lions waving "Good Bye" to us. Well, I could have spent days on the water, but we had to move on!

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