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Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a "National Recreational Area", and you see indeed a number of yachts and sport boats crossing the artificial lake. It is strange to see so much water, yet no green.

Page Arizona

West of Page, right next to the Glen Canyon Dam, you will find this rock formation. Another highlight for the day, and just a teaser for what would come tomorrow: Antelope Canyon...

Jesse Allen Grand Circle Adventures

This is Jesse Allen, our tourguide for Antelope Canyon. We strongly recommend to book a tour with him as he knows a lot about the canyon, and he is a friendly, funny guy, going the extra mile for his customers. He operates "Grand Circle Adventures" in Page (48 South Lake Powell Blvd, Tel. (928) 645-5594). Again, thank you, Jesse, for a great day at the canyon!

Antelope Canyon Impression

Antelope Canyon is situated east of Page, Arizona, and belongs to the Navajo Nation. The walls are light red and change their color almost by the minute.

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is a narrow split in the rock, and it is about a 5 to 10 minute walk through, depending on the visitor traffic. The canyon presents itself in rich, deep colours with a sandy floor.

Antelope Slot Canyon

The miracle happens during mid-day from April to September. All of a sudden, bright beams of light enter the canyon and illuminate the walls with a subtle light...

Antelope Canyon Sunbeams

It is such a stunning sight, that you should not miss it! If you want to take photos, please remember to bring a tripod and fast film. Otherwise you will not be able to catch the scene.

Antelope Canyon Beam

To make the lightbeams of the canyon more visible, you may want to make some dust with your cowboy hat. Here, our Jesse demonstrates how to do that. :-)

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