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Angling and Fishing in Kintyre

A boy with a bright red baseball cap holds a very tall angle at West Loch Tarbert. I like this shot because the red cap contrasts so well with the green and blue in the back. Also, the angle seems to be still a bit too big for him. :-)

West Loch Tarbert

West of Tarbert we found this tiny harbour with that old fisherboat moored to the pier. It was a very peaceful scene, and we enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, the weather was still not in shape to capture the beauty of the western part of Kintyre, but then again, who travels to Scotland just for the weather?

Tarbert Argyll

Scotland's greatest natural harbour, protected by Robert the Bruce's castle. With a long maritime history, Tarbert is still an active fishing port today. The historical name "Tairbert" derives from the narrow isthmus separating the West and East Lochs. Tarbert is an excellent point to explore the Kintyre peninsula.

Crinan Canal Cairnbaan

The Crinan Canal was opened in 1801, offering a shortcut for fisherboats from Crinan to Lochgilphead. All the locks - like this lock at Cairnbaan - are still operated today like they were in former times. Just the ships have changed: now it is a haven for yachtsmen, and you will see beautiful yachts instead of fisherboats traveling the waterway. We definitely recommend this sidetrip, on the B841 and B8025 to Kilmartin, as it will provide you with fabulous views along the road!

Kilmartin Storyteller

Just off B8025, close to the village of Kilmartin, you will find the exciting pre-historic site of Nether Largie Stones, the Standing Stones of Kilmartin. Here we met An Sgeulaiche, a traditional storyteller who takes you on a walking tour of the beautiful Kilmartin Glen. Because of the bad weather (it was still raining!) we did not join him, but we think this is an exciting opportunity to learn more about the ancient history of Scotland. For more information, please visit his website called Tales on the Hoof.

Kilmartin Standing Stones

And here we are on site at Nether Largie at the Standing Stones, seeing monuments erected about 3,000 BC. That is: 200 years before the construction of Stonehenge began, 350 years before the first of the great pyramids is built in Egypt! Gripping.

Temple Wood Kilmartin

Temple Wood and its huge stone circles is situated next to Nether Largie, protected by trees. I waited until the guy with the umbrella was gone and made another photo, but - it looks much better with this colourful element. Notice also, how the raindrops disturb the photo in the upper half. The rain was getting stronger!

Kilmartin Churchyard

In the village of Kilmartin, please do not miss the church and its churchyard! You will find a simple but beautiful church housing one of the largest collections of early christian crosses and grave slabs (dating back to the 9th century). Next to the church is a small house, were the slabs on the photo can be found. The left one was apparently created for a knight.

Carnassarie Castle

Carnassarie Castle is situated north of Kilmartin. It was built between 1565 and 1572 by John Carswell, Bishop of the Isles. The castle is considered a key building of its time, marking the fusion of a medieval tower (Petra looks into Kilmartin Glen here) and a great hall in one integrated layout. Even if it is a ruin today, it has been prepared nicely, and you will see many details. It will take you about 15 minutes from the car park to the site. Free of charge. Recommended!

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