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Monument Valley

We then proceeded to Monument Valley, another great place to visit. This is the view everyone knows, shot from the visitor centers platform in the late afternoon.

Driving in Monument Valley

At first we hesitated a bit to drive the valley with our rental car. But then we decided to go for it, and it was worth the effort. It allows you to stop where you feel it's necessary. We would not recommend to go there with Campers, though.

Monument Valley Panorama

A fantastic panorama shot of the valley. We thought we were extremely lucky with the weather, but some photographers argue that a few clouds further enhance the views.

Monument Valley Panorama

Now I just let the images flow for a few clicks: Another georgeous view.

Monument Valley Dirt Road

Another view of Monument Valley. You will notice that this is a dirt road. We strongly recommend to not drive the road with your motorhome as you might get stuck somewhere. The Navajo offer reasonably priced tours on 4x4 Jeeps.

Monument Valley Guided Jeep Tour

The Navajo offer reasonably priced tours on 4x4 Jeeps, which are strongly recommended if you don't want to risk getting stuck on the dirt road somewhere.

Monument Valley Road

Personally, I think that cars do not go too well with the landscape of Monument Valley. Then again, it's the best way to explore the area.

John Ford's Point - Monument Valley

Monument Valley is where John Ford filmed his western movies. And the viewpoint is indeed called "John Ford's Point". Simply breathtaking!

John Ford's Point - Monument Valley

Petra stands and waves where John Ford would have positioned a hero in one of his western movies.

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