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Utah Highway

A typical scene for Arizona and Utah: an endless, absolutely straight highway with a few tall rocks on both sides.

Goosenecks of San Juan River Utah

The Goosenecks State Park offers a fantastic view on the San Juan River, a classic example of an "incised meander", i.e. flowing in a broadly curved stream.

Twin Rocks Bluff Utah

The Navajo Twin Rocks in Bluff, Utah.

Newspaper Rock Utah

Off highway 211 you will find the so-called Newspaper Rock, a large petroglyph of the early native cultures of the area. Lacking the art of writing, they used to paint and carve news into the rock, be it simple messages or big events. The meaning is not fully clear yet, but it definitely is worth a visit.

Newspaper Rock Monticello

Here is detailed photograph of the large petroglyph panel.

Wilson Arch Moab Utah

Directly at highway 191 you will find the Wilson Arch, a beautiful gigantic natural arch.

Wilson Arch Utah

It takes some time to get up to the arch, and we recommend to bring good hiking shoes for this task...

Wilson Arch Moab

...but the view from up there is fantastic!

Wilson Arch

Another photo impression of Wilson Arch.

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