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Dantes View Death Valley

Death Valley, seen from Dantes View at 5,475 ft (1,669 m). The white area is not snow (it was too hot for snow), but salty badwater!

Zabriskie Point Death Valley

Zabriskie Point is one of the most popular viewpoints of Death Valley. From here, you can see the deserted folds of the surrounding rocks.

Devils Golf Course Death Valley

Don't be mistaken: the Devils Golf Course is not your usual golf course! It's a very hot area of salty rocks. You don't want to loose your golf ball here. Chances are high that you might not find it again. :-)

Artists Drive Death Valley

Artists Drive leads through moon-like rocks. As it was very hot when we were there, it is no wonder that noone else was to be seen.

Death Valley National Park

Another shot of the Artists Drive of Death Valley, this time with our trusty Pontiac.

Death Valley

At the junction of highways 190 and 178, you will be puzzled by the elevation sign: it says "sea level", though no water at all is to be seen. Death Valley is home to the lowest elevation in the United States: -282 ft or -86 m.

Temperature Death Valley

This thermometer is located just outside of the visitor center at Furnace Creek. That afternoon, it was 118 F or 47 C - in the shade! Incredible!!

Sand Dunes Death Valley

The Sand Dunes of Death Valley, just off highway 190. This is what you would expect from a desert - lot's of sand dunes!

Highway 190 Death Valley

Highway 190 leads straight through Death Valley National Park. Please carry at least a gallon of water per person if you decide to travel to the valley. We could not believe how much water we drank while we were here!

Death Valley Impression

Another shot of the Sand Dunes (in the back). It is really like a desert here!

Lee Vining

Lone Pine main street, the highway 395.

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