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Elgin Biblical Garden

Our stop for the night was Elgin, a vibrant small town with a number of Bed and Breakfasts, hotels and restaurants. We recommend to stop by in the tourist office (17 High Street, Fon 01343-542666) to book your accommodation. They were very friendly when we showed up shortly before closing (as always). ;-) This is Elgin's "Biblical Garden", a tranquil corner with an unique atmosphere, situated next to the Elgin Cathedral.

Elgin Cathedral

When the cathedral was still in use, it was just known as the most beautiful Scottish Cathedral, the "Lantern of the North". Today it is a ruin, but it is still quite impressing to see its size. Entrance fee is hefty, but you can easily walk around the cathedral for free.

Cathedral Elgin Scotland

Another photo of the Elgin Cathedral, which is beautiful even in its current state.

Elgin Scotland

This photo shows the size of the cathedral - just compare it to the visitors in the left corner! The cathedral was founded in 1224 for the Diocese of Moray. Around 1390 it was burnt down by the "Wolf of Badenoch". But the cathedral was rebuilt and used until 1567. Then, the lead was stripped from the roof, and the decay began.


Again the Elgin Cathedral, this time photographed from the Brewery Bridge. The Tourist Office has created an easy town walk that takes between 60 and 90 minutes. It will explain all the details of Elgin and its history. Recommended.

Brodie Castle

Scotland is known for its many castles, and here is another spectacular example: Brodie Castle. You will find it on your way from Elgin to Inverness, just off A96. It was built around 1560 by Alexander Brodie of Brodie and has undergone several modifications over the years. In 1645, the house was partially burnt, but it was rebuilt from 1730. In the 1970's -the castle was still with the Brodie family!- the costs were beginning to be unbearable, and the Brodies turned it over to the National Trust for Scotland in 1980.

Brodie Castle Gardens

Brodie Castle is set in peaceful parkland, and while you explore the gardens and parks (71ha in total), the troubled history of the castle will appear very distant. During spring, the grounds are covered by daffodils. Visitors are required to pay for parking, but access to the woodland walks and gardens is free.

Cromarty Scotland

From Brodie Castle we drove through Inverness to Cromarty, situated at the end of the beautiful A832. From here, you can enjoy beautoful views across the Cromarty Firth. The town is over 700 years old. Its most famous inhabitant is Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty in the mid-17th century. He was a true eccentric, claiming to be able to trace his ancestry back to Adam and Eve. He also invented an universal language, and he wrote several books on mathematics.

Oil Platform Scotland

This is the other side of Cromarty - a view towards west across the Cromarty Bay. Here, we saw this huge oil platform that somehow disturbed the peace of the location. Then again, I fully understand that oil is an important factor for the economy in Scotland, and that the people of Cromarty actually benefit from the oil workers as well.

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