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Loch Ness

We searched for some time for a suitable accommodation on Skye, and -guess what- we found none. So we drove along Loch Duich until we found a very nice B&B in Inverinate, the Drumfearn. To be honest, this turned out to be the best B&B of our trip thanks to our wonderful host, Mrs. Janet MacLeod. - Anyway, we had seen what we wanted to see on Skye, and were now heading for Loch Ness. While we did not really expect to see Nessie, we wanted to experience the beauty of this large Loch. And indeed, Loch Ness is beautiful (see photo), even with all the tourists clogging up the streets.

Urquhart Castle

Urquhart Castle is the single most important attraction of Loch Ness (well, right after Nessie). It's magnificently situated on the banks of Loch Ness. It was once one of Scotland's largest castles, but lies in ruins today. Built in the 13th century, it always represented the Scots' struggle for independence. Despite a lot of tourists and hefty entrance fees, the castle is still worth at least a short stop on your trip.

Plodda Falls Tomich Scotland

The Highlands Visitor Guide brochure mentioned a place called "Plodda Falls" close to the village Tomich in the beautiful Glen Affric. Well, here it is - not very impressive and definitely not a "spectacular feature" as the Visitor Guide said. In fact, it's probably not even worth the drive along the long dirt road. The surroundings are fantastic, though, and if you are into hiking, the whole area is perfect for you. Much better is the Corrimony Cairn - an excavated passage grave, surrounded by 11 standing stones.

Fort Augustus

The Caledonian Canal connects the North Sea (at Inverness) with the Atlantic (at Fort William). As there is always a difference in the tide, they built in staricases that are operated today as they have been hundred years ago. It's an interesting spectacle to see yachts coming in, and you can easily spend an hour just sitting on the green enjoying the action at the staircase.

Sailing Loch Lochy Scotland

On its way between the seas, the Caledonian Canal uses Loch Lochy as natural part of the seaway. I did this photo in the afternoon, and the contrast between sun, sea, and mountains is simply amazing. It excellently gets the beauty of the place across.

Commando Memorial Scotland

Close to Gairlochy you will find the Commando Memorial located on a hill, a martialistic bronze memorial remembering the soldiers of elite commando units who trained in the area during World War II. While the memorial may not be for everyone, the views it provides across the surrounding farmland are excellent.

Fort William Church

This is the church of Fort William, situated directly at the High Street - a simple yet beautiful church, from the outside and the inside.

Fort William Pipeband

While we were walking along the High Street, suddenly a familiar sound could be heard - and the Fort William Pipeband marched towards Cameron Square (the main square, right in front of the Tourist Information Center). They gave a free concert, entertaining both locals and tourists.

Loch Linnhe Scotland

This is Loch Linne in the early evening, seen from Achintore Road in Fort William.

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