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Shoulder of Scotland

The next morning, we did another walk on the beach between Rattray Head and St. Combs. The dunes are fantastic, and offer a re-vitalizing freshness for the traveller.

Fraserburgh Scotland

Our next stop was Fraserburgh with its beautiful beach that (again) invites for long refreshing walks.

Fraserburgh Harbour

Fraserburgh is also a working harbour that offers many attractive views and insights. By the way, we were quite surprised to see that it is quite difficult to find suitable accommodation here, a clear indicator to us that tourism has not (yet) replaced the traditional economy in this part of Scotland.

Museum of Scottish Lighthouses Fraserburgh

They have some attractions for tourists, though. The most important one is for sure the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, sitting on the western cliffs of the town. The museum is home to the largest collection of lighthouse equipment and information in the United Kingdom. This is the view along the coastline, towards west.

Kinnaird Lighthouse Fraserburgh

Kinnaird Lighthouse is a central piece of the Lighthouse Museum. It was the first lighthouse on the mainland of Scotland, erected 1787 by Thomas Smith and remained in operation until 1991, when it was replaced by an automatic light.

Pennan Scotland

Pennan is a quaint vishing village perched on the very edge of the sea, a sleepy yet beautiful home to a few handfull of people. And chances are high that you've seen Pennan already without ever having been there - here, the movie "Local Hero" was filmed.

Local Hero Movie Scotland

For those of you, who are not sure - here's the quick rundown: Mac MacIntyre, a tough purchasing manager for Texas oil company KNOX, is sent to Scotland to acquire the complete village of Furness (Pennan) to build an oil harbour. At first MacIntyre is not too impressed by the calm life in the North of Scotland, but his attitude changes quickly as he discovers the georgeous nature and the friendly people step by step... The photo shows two locations relevant to the movie: The pub (The Pennan Inn, was for sale in September 2005), where the people of Furness/Pennan meet every night. And then there is the red phone box, which is MacIntyres only link to the corporate headquarters of KNOX in Texas! Unforgettable.

Local Hero Movie Location

Outside the Pennan Inn, you will find this plate, remembering that Local Hero was filmed in and around Pennan in 1983. The plate has seen much better times and is hardly readable today.

Local Hero Pennan

One final shot of Pennan, this time from the harbour towards west. If you are visiting the area, please make sure that you visit Pennan as well - it's worth it (as is the whole area)!

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