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Edinburgh North Bridge

...but it did not. Without interruption, the water was pouring down on us (and the other tourists), making the whole stay quite disappointing, after all that sunshine during the two-and-a-half weeks before.

Edinburgh Victoria Street

Even lovely places like Victoria Street look dull and grey in rain (especially when the lights of the car reflect on the wet street).

Edinburgh Greyfriars Bobby

So this is Greyfriars Bobby, a Skye Terrier who lived in Edinburgh around 1865, owned by a man called John Gray. After his death Bobby is said to have waited next to the grave at Greyfriars Kirk for more than ten years. Dog lovers tell this story and travel to see this statue (on Edinburghs Victoria Street), but we feel it's just a story. The pub right behind the statue (Greyfriars' Bobby's Bar), however, is very real and very good. Excellent food, a good beer, and true pub atmosphere - what else do you want (on a rainy day)?

Edinburgh Scott Monument

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) was one of the most important Scottish novelists. His novel Waverley, based on the Jacobite Rising was an instant success, followed by 23 historical novels in the years after. He published all his novels anonymously, initially as a precaution against possible failures, but later he enjoyed prolonging the mystery. This monument, located at Princes Street, is testimony to his place in Scottish literature.

Edinburgh at Night

This photo shows the busy Princes Street at night, with double decker buses and cars rushing by. The quality of my tiny digicam always amazes me, especially when it comes to night exposures. As you may notice, the rain had stopped by now (people carrying no umbrellas)!!

Edinburgh Castle at Night

Another photo of Edinburgh at night - this time showing the castle, illuminated by dozens of yellow lights. One thing is clear to us: Edinburgh with rain is not satisfying, so we will return, hopefully when it's sunny and warm, so that the city can absolutely show off to us. :-)

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