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Clare Island Lighthouse

We decided to stay for one night at Clare Island Lighthouse. Back in 1999 this was still a B&B, owned by Robert and Monica Timmermans. Unfortunately, they sold the lighthouse in 2001. The new owners cancelled the B&B, and therefore there is no chance to sleep there again.

Clare Island Lighthouse

Our room in the small lighthouse tower: Cozy, warm and unbelievable quiet!

Ceide Fields Ireland

At the north shore of Co. Mayo, you should visit the Ceide Fields. The tectonic plates provide home to thousands of seagulls!

Sheep in County Mayo

Sheep (again)!

County Mayo Impression

Waves are breaking at the rough cliffs of County Mayo.

Downpatrick Head

Downpatrick Head is another attraction in Co. Mayo.

Cattle Crossing Roadsign

The roadsign says "Cattle Crossing" and indeed...

Cattle Crossing County Mayo

...a few minutes later, we saw them coming! No guides could be seen, and that was - interesting. :-)


Clare Island Lighthouse
(unfortunately, it is not available as B&B anymore)
Clare Island, Co. Mayo
Phone/Fax (098) 45120
Room Rate IEP 90 incl. BF (1999)
Dinner IEP 40.50 incl. bottle of wine (1999, two persons)

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