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David from Prince George, BC, Canada
I really enjoyed your photo-journal. Interesting how visitors from afar see our country. I live in Prince George, in the central interior of BC and have spent a bit of time day-hiking Jasper. If you ever make it back to Canada and choose to re-visit Columbia Icefields, take a couple hours to hike a trail into Wilcox Pass - it is 3 km from the icefield centre and takes you up, behind the visitors centre. From there, you overlook the icefields, in alpine meadows and it's not unusual to see several rocky mountain sheep rams feeding and resting on the hillside, keeping a watchful eye on the tourists!

By the way, one of your photos around Medicine Lake (Jasper) refered to mountain goats on the road - these were mountain sheep and judging by their size, were females. Mountain goats are rarely seen from the roads - they generally have a white, shaggy coat with short black horns.

There are several, wonderful, day-hikes in the Jasper-Banff area that take you into the alpine and present breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains and lakes. I hope you have the opportunity to visit our country again and take in the beauty. The route you selected for your 3 weeks was a good one - I've visited many of the same places - your photos took me to a few I've often thought about visiting and re-affirmed that I need to do that.

Thank you



Tom from the USA
I was searching for photos of Lake Maligne and the search engine had your site in the top 20 or so. Yours is by far the best site I've seen for photos of this stunning place. I can't wait to visit it myself.

But then I started looking at the rest of your site. You have been fortunate to travel to so many beautiful spots in Europe and elsewhere, and have been most generous in sharing your photos. I've "only" been within the U.S. (47 states), Mexico and the Caribbean, not to Europe yet. My wife did a lot of her dissertation research in Austria and Germany and loved it. She is planning a trip for us over there one day soon.

You've inspired me to bring all my disparate photo "sitelets" under one umbrella, with an actual index. I've taken enough film photos to fill 15 300- page albums and now with my little Canon PowerShot, I'm quickly filling hard disks with digiphotos. Some of them are quite good, in my opinion. Of course, when you're training the lens on the Grand Tetons of Wyoming with Fall's first dusting of snow, it's hard to take a bad photo. ;-)

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for posting your photos. Your site is now bookmarked.

Have a great day!


Bev from Mission, BC, Canada
I just wanted to thank you for publishing your pictures of BC. I found them to be of exceptional quality.

We are thinking of moving to Bella Coola and found your site via a search engine. We wanted to see what the area looked like and your site gave us a good impression. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves here and hope you return to see more of the province.

The north is also very beautiful and offers a completely different change of scene. Also, the Okanagan Valley which was an actual desert complete with cactus and rattlesnakes. When they brought irrigation to the valley and started the orchards, it changed completely and is now one of the major fruit producing areas of the world and also make some terrific wine. Perhaps you can get "Snow Wine" in Germany. When you went through Kamloops, if you had headed south on Highway 97 you would have travelled through it, but then again, you would have missed Whistler and the "Sea to Sky Highway".

Again, thank-you for your pictures. Even though I have travelled extensively through BC, I found a couple of spots that I hadn't heard of and would like to visit.

Yours Truly,


Dave & Jenny from the United Kingdom
We have just visited your web site on your Canadian holiday. It was absolutely fantastic!

We spent 17 days in Canada in 2001, we went with a tour operator and did the east to west coast tour. The most exciting part of the holiday was travelling through the Rockies from Banff to Jasper and on to Vancouver including a day visit to Vancouver Island. Although it was our holiday of a life time and we saw some of the most wonderful sights we have ever seen, we felt we were rush about too much to take every thing in. We would love to return to B.C. and Alberta one day. One thing we thought we might do, was drive our selves and go B&B but were a bit unsure. Now having seen your diary it has made our minds up that this is the way to see Canada.

Once again thank you for sharing your holiday with us,

kind regards,

Dave & Jenny

Dayna from Kelowna, BC, Canada
Well I was just searching the web when I came across your site. I am from BC and have lived on Vancouver Island (Victoria and Duncan) most of my life but was born in the Caribou (Williams Lake) and am now in the Okanagan (Kelowna). I was just amazed by all your pictures! Great to see that someone appreciates what we all here take for granted! I really do hope you make it back here one day!

Anyways... thank you so much for the peek into your vacation. :-)


Chris from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
It was with enormous pleasure that I stumbled across your website containing photos of your 2002 BC trip. It was apparent that you had a wonderful trip.

I grew up in Clearwater, BC, the gateway to Wells Gray Park. I worked for three summers on a ranch not 10 km from the Green Mountain viewpoint from which a few of your photos were taken. It sent chills of nostalgia down my spine to see so many familiar scenes that I didn't know any better than to cherish when I was there. It has been nearly 20 years since I moved from Clearwater but only 2.5 since I moved out of BC (presently in Calgary, AB). I often try to impress upon my prairie-bound colleagues the stunning beauty of BC, but fall far short of your profound accomplishment with this web collage. I've rarely seen it presented in such a balanced format.

I've also had the good fortune of living in the south-eastern interior of BC for a few years (Castlegar), and in Victoria and on Thetis Island (twenty minutes by ferry from Chemanius). The depictions of Vancouver Island towns and areas were wonderful as well. It really made me long to get back to that place where green is the dominant colour of one's existence.

You were either on the west coast a long time or were incredibly fortunate to get fantastic weather. I'm sure you're aware that Pacific Rim National Park is renowned for not only stunning beauty, but also stunning amounts of rain!

If you're ever in Canada and in the vicinity of Calgary feel free to look me up. It'd be neat to chat! Keep up the good work and if you ever want to turn it into a travel book/guide let me know, I'd love to collaborate. You've certainly hit many of the tourist hot-spots but there's tonnes just off the beaten path yet to see in BC!



Sid from Henderson, Nevada, USA
I happened to stumble on to your Picture Gallery of your 2002 trip to Canada. At this time I live in the state of Nevada, in the City of Henderson. It is in part a subdivision of Las Vegas. I have been asked more then I can remember, if I am a US citizen and of course they ask why I am not. Well, with all the great pictures that you have taken, I have at last an answer for those who ask again.

I'm a 63 year old retired truck driver who was lucky enough to have left the Cold country of northern Manitoba, a small mining town of about 16,000 called Flin Flon. If you by chance get out a map of Manitoba and Saskatchewan just look on the border. About three quarters of the way up you will see this town and know why it was easy to leave. But I have never given up my Canadian citizenship.

Your pictures are just what a person like myself needs so I can pass them around to the many who never get a chance to see what things are like north of the US border.

Again you have done a masterful job.

Yours truly,


Charles from Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada
I just happened to discover your website by accident, and I was very impressed by your photography! SEHR GUT! PRIMA! (I'm not German, but have some friends from Heidelberg)

I just wanted to say that you have confirmed the saying "You don't appreciate where you live, until you've seen it through the eyes of a visitor!" I live with my family in Pitt Meadows, B.C., about a 1 hour drive N.E. of Vancouver in the Fraser valley, and I'd forgotten how beautiful my province was until I saw your site - thank you!

Well, that's it, except to say that I'm sending your website to many friends and relatives throughout Canada and the states. Thanks again for the EXCELLENT photography!!!



Debbie from Utah, USA
We visited Europe for our first time last year in early October. We were delayed because of the terrorist bombings and fear of boarding a plane (quite frankly). I took my mom on her dream vacation - for her retirement and 65th birthday - we had 30 days of glorious fun and plan to do it again in 3 years.

I took a ton of photos - people on our tour bus made a lot of fun of me for it - but I didn't want to miss a thing. I have just finished developing my 48 rolls of film. I used your site to help me put names on places and for that I thank you very much. Your site is so great! I have seen quite a few and your photos are the BEST!!

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing them on the Internet. The pink panther and Petra deserve an award as well.

Take Care. If you ever find yourself in Utah, near where Salt Lake Olympics were held, please look me up. I would love to take you around here and show you the sites.


Pat from Germany
Thanks for the wonderful pictures you have shared on your homepage of Canada! Because of your professional use of your camera, you have captured feelings that can only be felt by someone who is very closely bound with nature. Let us hope that there are many more of us who appreciate that nature is perfect in every way and there to share and treasure like you have done in those pitures. Once again thanks.


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