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Mantova Italy

This shot has been taken in Mantova during mid-day heat on a sunday. Most of the shops where closed, but still the "Segafredo" sign had that special Italian touch, so I could not resist.

Mantova Italy

The museum of Mantova.

Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS

This is Petra with our (then) brand new Alfa Romeo 156 sports car. It is the best car I ever had, and taking it "home to Italy" was real fun. This shot has been made on our way to Berceto. As you can see, it had rained earlier that day, so we decided to go for an affordable hotel instead of a camp site.

Berceto Italy

Later that day the sun came out again, and we did a walk through Berceto. It is typical to see men and women sitting in front of Cafes or the local Bar Gelateria. All the interesting things seem to happen at the main road, so there is always something to talk about.

Berceto Italy

Berceto seems to be an affordable place for older Italian tourists, and on weekends there are always special events. While we where there, we participated in a cookie contest like everybody else.

Pontremoli Italy

On our way to Cinque Terre we made a halt in Pontremoli and gazed at the tiny river and the old houses.


Albergo Gioli
Via Ripasanta, 5
43042 Berceto (Parma)
Phone (0525) 64 251
Approx. 46 Euro incl. BF (Room Rate, 2000)
The Zanzig.com Rating: *** (good)   What does that mean?


Pizzeria Barozzi Wanda
Piazza Micheli, 10
43042 Berceto (Pr)
The Zanzig.com Rating: *** (good)   What does that mean?

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