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On the way to Bagolino Italy

I took this shot on our way to Bagolino, which is in the mountains. The whole area is one beautiful scenery and you can find quiet places like this everywhere.

On the way to Bagolino Italy

A few meters the same building looked completely different, and we stopped to take another shot.

Bagolino Downtown

A view across the town center of Bagolino. It is a lovely and quiet place perfect for the start of our journey. As we arrived on a Saturday evening, we could blend into the evening activities on the main Piazza. Everybody met there to chat with neighbors and friends.

Hotel Tre Valli Bagolino Italy

This is the view from our room at Hotel Tre Valli (see below). It is situated at the main road and easy to find.

Bagolino Italy

Another photo from our hotel room, some place far away in the Alps. I used my 300 mm lense for the photo.



Zanzig's Hotel Tip
Hotel Tre Valli
Via S. Rocco, 56
25072 Bagolino (Brescia)
Phone (0365) 99 109
Fax (0365) 99 809

The Hotel Tre Valli is a small and friendly, family run hotel in the village center of Bagolino. It's just like two minutes to the main piazza, and in the evening the village will become quiet and peaceful (except on Saturdays, where the whole village seems to meet up at the main piazza). The hotel is simple and clean, certainly nothing too fancy, but for us, it was the best possible start into this trip.

The Zanzig.com Rating: *** (good)   What does that mean?


Bar Trattoria Ancora
Piazza Marconi
25072 Bagolino (Brescia)
Phone (0365) 99 218
The Zanzig.com Rating: **** (very good)   What does that mean?

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