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Sweetheart Abbey Scotland

The next morning we drove down south on the A710 towards Sweetheart Abbey, the beautiful ruins of a church from the 13th century.

Sweetheart Abbey

The name "Sweetheart Abbey" is connected to the founder of the abbey, Devorgillade Balliol. She kept the embalmed heart of her husband (a "sweet, silent companion") for the last years of her life. It is said that she has been buried on the grounds of the abbey.

New Abbey Dumfries

The village New Abbey is worth a visit, too. Here you can see nice houses like this one...

Criffel Inn B&B New Abbey

...or the equally beautiful Criffel Inn, located at the centre of the village. They run a B&B too, so if you want to stay here, this is the place to go (phone 01387-850244).

Sandyhills Beach Scotland

A bit further down the A710 you will find Sandyhills with its wonderful beach. We were lucky enough having had quite hot temperatures that day, and the beach was populated with tourists enjoying their holidays.

Carsluith Castle

This is the fantastic view from Carsluith Castle, which is situated directly at the A75. Entrance to this castle was free, making it an even better experience!

Portpatrick Waterfront Hotel

Our next stop was Portpatrick at the most western point of Dumfries and Galloway. Portpatrick is a tiny village with many colourful houses facing the harbour. There are a number of hotels and B&Bs here, and when the weather plays along, this might be a good place to stay overnight (for example, in the lilac-washed "Waterfront Hotel" on the left, phone 01776-810800).

Portpatrick Scotland

A working harbour may be an unusual place for swimming, but that day it was so hot that many people desperately needed a refreshment!

Portpatrick Harbour

Portpatrick has a tiny beach close to the harbour, so you can easily enter the water or simply relax on the stones.

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