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We now accept quality advertisers for exclusive or non-exclusive advertising on Zanzig.com. We know that our advertising opportunities really work for you, especially when you are running a travel-related business and want to get targeted high-quality traffic to your web site!

Here are some quick facts on Zanzig.com:

  • 7,400 pageviews per day (223,000 per month)
  • 1,100 unique visitors per day (33,250 per month)
  • Visitors from 160 countries
    • USA: 21.0%
    • Germany: 9.2%
    • Great Britain (UK): 3.7%
    • Canada: 3.0%
    • Switzerland: 1.3%
    • South Africa: 0.8%
  • 18.1% of all visits last 3 minutes or longer!

Source: Server log files January to December 2008, analyzed using Absolute Log Analyzer. Figures reflect only human visitors who requested at least one HTML document.

Interested? Then please inquire. We'll work something out for you.

Development of pageviews on Zanzig.com, since December 2001

Development of unique human visitors on Zanzig.com, since December 2001

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